Out of the landfill - using trash to make recycled t-shirts 

It takes nine-bottles to make a recycled ethical t-shirt. An alarmingly low nine-per cent of the earth's plastic is recycled. Nine seems to be the magic number. So let's get those ghastly bottles out of the endless landfill sites across the world and create a new direction in fashion, the softest fabrics and help preserve our planet.

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There is hope that we are leaving a tumultuous year behind us as we all hope to move into a more positive 2021. The new decade of 2020 has been full of bold noise, negativity, confusing and destructive messages, bright colours, anger and fear.
It’s human nature to yearn for something a little more understated and hushed, nurturing and even nostalgic. 

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The importance of buying ethical t-shirts and being organic
Almost 50% of people say that while they care about the environment, they haven't considered the negative supply chain that their clothing has on the planet. So what do we do about it?  Go organic! Over half of world clothing is made from cotton. Choosing a sustainable organic alternative is by far, one of the most significant opportunities that we have to reduce the impact we have on the environment and humans.

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What is the real cost of a $2.00 t-shirt? Ethical Tees takes a look at the complexities of international supply chains and some of the realities behind fast fashion and the ever-increasing pressures to find more cost-effective sources of labour.
The fashion industry, under all its glitz and glamour, has an unethical side. Approximately 170 million child workers are part of the hidden and complex fashion supply chain. That's a staggering 11% of the world's child population.

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