Sustainable Clothing

From design to environmentally-efficient production

Why Choose Sustainable?

Designing sustainable clothing products

Sustainability begins at the design phase, prompting essential questions:

  • What is our creation? 
  • Which materials shall we employ, and how will we responsibly source them?
  • Can we utilise recycled materials? 
  • How much waste will this piece create?
  • Can we change the pattern to reduce the number of textile off-cuts?
  • Will the use of blended fabrics pose recycling challenges? 
  • Is this garment a lasting addition to someone's wardrobe or just a passing trend? 

By asking and answering these questions, designers are able to influence a garment's initial "sustainability" profile.

Eco-conscious production

The concept of environmentally-friendly fashion is central to our approach when thinking about production. During this stage, we roll up our sleeves and actively seek proof that we're taking meaningful steps to reduce the the environmental cost of making our clothes. 

The measures to producing sustainable clothing encompass a wide spectrum. Ranging from the use of organically-certified materials and the adoption of water and energy-efficient production techniques to meticulous consideration of the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

Why sustainable clothing matters

Clothing materials are depleting rapidly. To meet the ever-growing demand, environmentally-harmful farming practices have often been employed. However, by choosing clothing crafted from renewable materials like hemp, you play a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Opting for recycled fibers presents an even more sustainable choice, as it alleviates the strain on natural resources and addresses the ever-expanding issue of waste management. Sustainable fabrics typically require minimal to no water during the production phase, contributing to the conservation of this precious resource.

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