about Our approach to Sustainability

We are a resPonsible Business

We're different because we create ethically responsible clothing.
But there's more to it than that.. 

our industry is far from perfect

We know that creating products has an impact on the planet. That's why we only work with responsible suppliers using GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) cotton as a minimum. But on top of that, as a responsible organisation we have a bigger role to play.

Minimum Use of Resources

We're committed daily to reducing our environmental footprint. From our fair trade coffee, recycled loo roll and carbon neutral deliveries. Little things make big things happen. We encourage our suppliers to use less plastic in their packaging and we re-use their packaging, rather than buying new boxes.

Ethical conversation

Each item made consciously and shipped carbon neutrally. We encourage open dialogue with our suppliers and customers, so that together we can make the best decisions to help look after the planet.

Towards Plastic FreE

We are constantly reducing the amount of plastic used in our production processes.  We understand that by making 'things', inherently our business is part of a wider global issue. To mitigate this, we work consciously to minimise the harm we do, every day.
It's our goal to keep learning and adapting so that we do less harm, and more good in the world. We have requested that our suppliers move over to plastic-free packaging and, until this happens, will re-use or recycle all packaging responsibly. 

our ethos 

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